Monday, August 12, 2013

Silver Crystal Necklace

This fairy-like pendant has a genuine quartz crystal with some unakites and silver colored beads, set in good quality long silver colored chain. Classic style with unique touch. One of a kind. Goes well together with the Silver Crystal Earrings. Price 40€

Silver Crystal Earrings

Similar design to Brass Crystal Earrings, but in silver color and with a round bali-style beads. About 7 cm long, nickel & lead free. Price per pair 20€

Brass Crystal Earrings

These quartz crystal beauties have an antique feel and a classic yet rugged character. I have one pair myself and have been using them a lot. Total length about 7 cm. Nickel & lead free. Price per pair 20€

Twilight Dragonfly Necklace

This dark little angel gets a lot of attention...a dragonfly pendant with a quartz crystal attached and a white howlite skull on top, set in a long sturdy brass colored chain. Lands in front of thy bosom. A statement piece with some quirky attitude. Price 36€

Anahata Necklace

Anahata is the heart chakra, and it is usually depicted with pink and light green. This romantic necklace lands in front of your heart and there blossoms a pink enameled rose with an unakite bead in the middle. Unakite has lovely shades of rosy pink and green.
Larger unakite nuggets are set in the sturdy brass colored chain with some beautiful beads and hoops. Totally unique and a dashing piece of jewelry. Price 50€

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Key & Chains Earrings

More cute little keys! These are the last pair of a sisterhood of four. All brass colored and 5 cm in total length. Nickel & lead free. Price 15€.

Secret Place Earrings

Whenever you find a key, take it along. You never know where that might unlock the way.
All brass colored an adorable antique style skeleton key earrings, 7,5 cm long and a unique pair. Nickel & lead free. Price 16€