About Salamankantama

"Salamankantama" is the working title of a Finnish artisan and visual artist Laura Sarkkinen. Currently her products range from jewelry and accessories to her artwork and printed material. She has also been known to make henna tattoos and natural dreadlocks.
Sources of inspiration for Salamankantama Design are nature, recycled materials, bohemian lifestyle, gems, beads, laces, flea markets, retro, decadence, art nouveau, tribal fusion belly dance, tribal styles, circus, burlesque, psychedelia, flapper girls, faery princesses, gypsy queens, witches, tarot, masquerades and ancient civilisations. To mention a few. 

She also teaches Tribal Fusion Bellydance in the Helsinki area, and performs both solo and in collaborations with other artists under the stage name Laura Luna.

Possibilities of creation are endless, so future products can be really anything. Most of the items are literally unique. At the moment Salamankantama designs can be purchased from some festival bazaars and crafters markets or through the internet from the artist.

Laura Sarkkinen is a member of the "Oivallus" art collective.

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