Monday, August 12, 2013

Silver Crystal Necklace

This fairy-like pendant has a genuine quartz crystal with some unakites and silver colored beads, set in good quality long silver colored chain. Classic style with unique touch. One of a kind. Goes well together with the Silver Crystal Earrings. Price 40€

Silver Crystal Earrings

Similar design to Brass Crystal Earrings, but in silver color and with a round bali-style beads. About 7 cm long, nickel & lead free. Price per pair 20€

Brass Crystal Earrings

These quartz crystal beauties have an antique feel and a classic yet rugged character. I have one pair myself and have been using them a lot. Total length about 7 cm. Nickel & lead free. Price per pair 20€

Twilight Dragonfly Necklace

This dark little angel gets a lot of attention...a dragonfly pendant with a quartz crystal attached and a white howlite skull on top, set in a long sturdy brass colored chain. Lands in front of thy bosom. A statement piece with some quirky attitude. Price 36€

Anahata Necklace

Anahata is the heart chakra, and it is usually depicted with pink and light green. This romantic necklace lands in front of your heart and there blossoms a pink enameled rose with an unakite bead in the middle. Unakite has lovely shades of rosy pink and green.
Larger unakite nuggets are set in the sturdy brass colored chain with some beautiful beads and hoops. Totally unique and a dashing piece of jewelry. Price 50€

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Key & Chains Earrings

More cute little keys! These are the last pair of a sisterhood of four. All brass colored and 5 cm in total length. Nickel & lead free. Price 15€.

Secret Place Earrings

Whenever you find a key, take it along. You never know where that might unlock the way.
All brass colored an adorable antique style skeleton key earrings, 7,5 cm long and a unique pair. Nickel & lead free. Price 16€

Crystal Skull Earrings

Voodoo priestess approves! In these earrings mysterious howlite skulls are combined with genuine quartz crystals in brass color. Makes reading your tarot cards all the more juicy, huh? ;)
They are all together 7 cm long and price for this last available pair is 23€

Tourmaline Leaf Earrings

Fresh and delicate as a sunbeam in a fairy forest, these adorable earrings come in many natural shades of the beautiful tourmaline stone. Wrapped in silver-plated copper wire and about 6 cm long. Tourmaline is one of my favorite stones, ranging in color from soft pinks to ochre browns and mossy greens. Which tones do you prefer? Price per pair 20€

Deep greens & Ochre
Shades of sand

Available in many soft and natural colors

Skull & Chains Earrings

These earrings have a slightly eerie vibe about them, perhaps arousing associations of medieval dungeons or something...but they are actually quite cute! Available with white or burgundy howlite skulls, unakite beads and brass colored metal. Nickel & lead free. Possible to have custom made in silver color. Full length 13 cm. Price per pair 23€

Crystal & Citrine Pendant

This pendant is quite delicate considering its size, it is 4,5 cm of height and 2,5 cm wide at the center. It has an organic shaped quartz crystal woven inside silver-plated copper wire, and on the other side there are three faceted citrines. Since it is wrapped, there is no back covering the rock, so light shines beautifully through. Handmade, one of a kind. No cord included. Price 45€

New gallery for Salamankantama!

After quitting my web shop-feature in my homepage - since it was too expensive and slow to update - I have been pondering about how to display my designs in a way that is both easy to browse and moderately quick to update, and would actually also look nice.
So I came up with this blog-gallery!
I still have my homepage in, but this will now be my showcase for new products. If you are interested in my older designs, you can find them in my facebook page. Of course I put new stuff in there too, so *click* like and you will receive updates in your news feed :)

I will also post about events and all that jazz, but mostly, it's about the goodies. To find out more about the artist (meee!) go to my homepage or click that "about Salamankantama" on the right corner there ->

The blog will be mostly in English to make life a bit easier, most Finns are pretty fluent in it and most not-Finns are blatantly awful in Finnish, especially if they do not live here. So I will skip the "elven" and just go ahead and expect you people to understand English. But you sure can contact me in Finnish, folks!