Sunday, August 11, 2013

New gallery for Salamankantama!

After quitting my web shop-feature in my homepage - since it was too expensive and slow to update - I have been pondering about how to display my designs in a way that is both easy to browse and moderately quick to update, and would actually also look nice.
So I came up with this blog-gallery!
I still have my homepage in, but this will now be my showcase for new products. If you are interested in my older designs, you can find them in my facebook page. Of course I put new stuff in there too, so *click* like and you will receive updates in your news feed :)

I will also post about events and all that jazz, but mostly, it's about the goodies. To find out more about the artist (meee!) go to my homepage or click that "about Salamankantama" on the right corner there ->

The blog will be mostly in English to make life a bit easier, most Finns are pretty fluent in it and most not-Finns are blatantly awful in Finnish, especially if they do not live here. So I will skip the "elven" and just go ahead and expect you people to understand English. But you sure can contact me in Finnish, folks!

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